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San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club


The mission of the San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club is to guide each water polo player to become the best they can be through hard work, dedication, and fun. San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club is committed to developing champions both in and out of the pool. We believe that growing up in San Clemente is an honor and that our kids should be proud of their town. We believe a champion is one who strives for excellence in academics, athletics and personal character. This excellence includes commitment to the physical and emotional strength, dedication to sportsmanship and fair play, the development of individual and team skills, the exertion of best effort, the will to win, and conduct that brings a positive light to our club, our schools, and our town. Participating in San Clemente Tritons Water Polo is an honor. Players who participate in our water polo program will build self-esteem, confidence, and tools for success in life.


The San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club experience will be a powerful learning opportunity. The measure of a successful program is not always winning at all costs, but we always want to compete fiercely in all our games. Our goal is to develop quality young people and prepare them for life.