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San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club


In 2011 Chris Prussak started the San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club with just 8, 10 and Under local boys. These boys were either playing for different clubs or kids that Chris had know from other sports. With all the world class watermen and women that have come through San Clemente, Chris asked himself “Why doesn’t San Clemente have a water polo program for the kids of San Clemente?” And that were it all began! In 2012 SC Tritons Water Polo Club saw it’s original 8 grow to 11 and the Club entered it’s first ever team in Junior Olympics. After their strong 1st year showing in JO’s (7th place) ,word got out that SC Tritons were “On the map?” and the club added a Boys 12U team. During 2013 the club again expanded to include Boys 14U and 16U all the while sticking to it’s roots in community pride and team unity. 2013 saw the 8 original boys age up to 12 and Under and bring home 9th place in Junior Olympics. This group of boys won 11 tournaments that year and continued to grow as a team. 2013 also saw the development of the clubs Master Program. This group was getting together on a regular basis with the average age of 42 years old and playing quality water polo purly for the love of the sport. 2013 also brought the San Clemente High School’s Girls Varsity Coach Logan Powell the club as the Club Director.

2014 was an amazing year for the club, it again expanded to include Girls 12 and Under, Girls 14 and Under,Boys 18 and Under. 2014 also saw 6 SC Tritons Water Polo Club Teams travelling to Northern California to compete in Junior Olympics. 2014 also saw the first even club JO’s #1 finish with their newly developed 12 and Under Girls.

2015 has been a great year so far with the club hitting the 200 member mark including ages 5 – 55. This year the club is sending 5 teams to Junior Olympics and is looking to place within the Top 10 with 3 teams.

All this growth has brought some incredible Coaches to our mix and there is no other Clubs that has grown so quickly while keeping true to it’s roots. Community – San Clemente Kids – Quality Water Polo.


The mission of the San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club is to guide each water polo player to become the best they can be through hard work, dedication, and fun. San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club is committed to developing champions both in and out of the pool. We believe that growing up in San Clemente is an honor and that our kids should be proud of their town. We believe a champion is one who strives for excellence in academics, athletics and personal character. This excellence includes commitment to the physical and emotional strength, dedication to sportsmanship and fair play, the development of individual and team skills, the exertion of best effort, the will to win, and conduct that brings a positive light to our club, our schools, and our town. Participating in San Clemente Tritons Water Polo is an honor. Players who participate in our water polo program will build self-esteem, confidence, and tools for success in life.


The San Clemente Tritons Water Polo Club experience will be a powerful learning opportunity. The measure of a successful program is not always winning at all costs, but we always want to compete fiercely in all our games. Our goal is to develop quality young people and prepare them for life.